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Coastal Environments DVD

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Coastal environments are dynamic. The action of wind and waves is critical to shaping and maintaining them, and vegetation on primary and secondary dune systems is vital to maintaining their stability. Human activity, if left unchecked, can cause serious damage to delicate coastal ecosystems, and it is important that as much of Britain's coastal landscape is managed appropriately to ensure its environmental and ecological health for generations to come. This film profiles the Exmoor National Park, where a range of strategies are employed to protect the coastal environment. The Park Authority's educational manager takes viewers to various places within the park highlighting a range of natural features, and talks about various issues and their management. Exeter University€™s Dr Jasper Knight also explains different geographical processes that occur in coastal environments, including arches and coastal rock formations. This film is an ideal resource for students of Geography and allied disciplines, providing an in-depth look at coastal geomorphology and environmental management.