European Wall Map for Schools - Reversible

European Wall Map for Schools - Reversible

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European Wall Map for Schools - Reversible

Based on the Lambert Conformal Conic projection, our Europe map covers the whole of the continent from northern Africa to Norway’s North Cape and from the Azores to the Caspian Sea. On the political side all capitals and major cities are clearly marked in five different population bands. It also includes a handy map insert detailing current and potential future EU member countries. The key features a useful graph detailing the top five European countries by population and by land mass. The reverse shows Europe’s physical relief, all major rivers, mountains and capital cities. It also details the longest rivers and highest mountains in mainland Europe and compares them to those found in the British Isles. Encapsulated and supplied with hanging strips.

Size: 104 x 129cm Scale: 1:4 300 000

The Geopacks range of Reversible Political/Physical maps

These have been one of our best selling lines for over a decade. Specifically designed for use in schools, the cartography uses large, clear details and vibrant colours to create easy-to-use reference tools that multiple pupils can use together. These maps are not only an excellent teaching tool but also a stunning addition to any classroom wall. The political side includes improved detailing between countries whilst the physical side includes improved height and bathymetric data.

Representing excellent value for money, each map in this range is printed on both sides and you choose either the political or the physical base for teaching. Like all of our maps, the reversible range is encapsulated in a heavy duty film. This makes the maps virtually indestructible as well as giving them a wipe on/wipe off finish. All maps come complete with an easy-to-use hanging system. At Geopacks we are conscious of our environmental responsibilities and we have taken care to ensure that these new maps are printed in the UK using soy-based inks on chlorine-free paper sourced from FSC accredited companies.