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ADC Summit

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This unique, multi-functional ADC Summit combines an altimeter, barometer, anemometer, thermometer and clock into one compact, pocket-sized device.

Accurate and incredibly adaptable, the ADC Summit’s altimeter is accurate to +/- 1 metre (can also show feet), the barometer displays current pressure in hPa or Hg as well as the readings over the last 16 hours, the anemometer can show current wind speed (in mph, knots, beaufort, km/h or m/s) as well as maximum, average and minimum average speeds, and finally the thermometer will not only record the temperature in C° or F° but will also compute the wind chill factor. An indispensable piece of kit for any field trip. It is supplied with a lanyard and can be worn around the neck to keep your hands free, it evens floats!

Battery supplied.