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Pocket PH Meter with retractable electrode

Pocket PH Meter with retractable electrode


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This pocket pH meter is easy to use giving fast, accurate and repeatable measurement of pH values.

It has the unique feature of a retractable electrode. The LCD display has large digits making it easy to read the measured values. The protective cap facilitates the ability to put in a small sponge to keep the electrode moist, which will prolong its life.


  • Impact-resistant ABS case
  • Splash-proof membrane keypad
  • Electrode can be extended up to 80 mm
  • Manual calibration via screw trim pot
  • Pocket clip moulded on the rear of the case
  • Six month warranty
  • Supplied with electrode, protective cap, calibration screwdriver, 50 ml calibration solution, carry case and battery.
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