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Arctic Educational Wall Map - Prisoners of Geography

Arctic Educational Wall Map - Prisoners of Geography

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Take a trip to the Arctic Tundra with Prisoners of Geography!

This remarkable, illustrated map of The Arctic provides a unique introduction to the continent and political and geographical affairs within.

The Arctic is one of the places affected most by global warming, with climate change in the area depleting food and territory for Polar Bears, Arctic Foxes and Walruses. Did you know the Svalbard islands are the highest territory on Earth with a permanent population? Or that temperatures can reach 26 degrees Celsius for short periods in the summer here?

This map is taken from the abridged and illustrated edition of international bestseller “Prisoners of Geography”, by acclaimed author Tim Marshall.

PRISONERS OF GEOGRAPHY ® is a registered trademark of Tim Marshall. Text copyright © 2015 - 2023 Tim Marshall. Illustration copyright © 2019 - 2023 Elliott and Thompson Limited.