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Advanced Flowmeter with Temperature Gauge - Bestseller!

Advanced Flowmeter with Temperature Gauge - Bestseller!


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New Advanced Flowmeter now with temperature sensor for even more recordable environmental data.

At Geopacks, we have made another significant improvement to our already highly successful Advanced Flow Meter. Our latest Advanced Flowmeter model now comes with integrated temperature sensor, allowing users to now also record and track water temperature as well as flow rate. Internally, the meter incorporates an integrated 4MB flash-drive that can record up to 500,000 flow and temperature readings into a CSV file. Even if the meter loses power, your readings will remain safely within the flash-drive until power is restored. As a result of customer feedback, the operation of the meter is now much more tactile as the individual control keys give a solid 'click' when pressed.

The Geopacks Advanced Stream FlowMeter connects to the same sturdy impeller stick as the standard flow meter but boasts a much more sophisticated meter which does away with the need for conversion charts. The new meter displays velocity in units of m/s or mph and has an inbuilt logger function that allows you to choose between manual logging and auto logging. Auto logging allows you to take a reading at programmed intervals, for example every five minutes, and record the result. All readings are then stored in a CSV file that can easily be downloaded to your PC via the mini USB cable provided. Powered by a standard AA battery (included), the Flowmeter also comes with a carrying pouch for added protection, a collapsible impeller stick and a compact case for transporting and storing the whole kit.

The propeller stick measures 107cm long, plus 1m length of cable before it reaches the meter itself.

Advanced Flowmeter in the Field

Take a look at our flowmeters in action in the Extreme Arctic. The British Schools Exploring Society Expedition led a team of 15 young people and seven leaders to explore the archipelago of Svalbard to study the onset of the formation of rivers during the melting season, and the "slush surge" phenomenon. The research unit spent 22 days in Tobredalen Valley studying environmental changes, click here to see the team using Geopacks' flowmeters.

Service Repairs and Upgrades

If either your flow stick or flowmeter has stopped working then please contact us. Our friendly Customer Services team can advise you on our repair services or replacement parts.

Geopacks's flowmeters are supplied with a full 12-month guarantee and if products do not immediately meet with your expectations, your purchase will be refunded.

Download your Advanced Flow Meter Manual Here!

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