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Stream Flowmeter for schools - Full Kit

Stream Flowmeter for schools - Full Kit


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Measure the rate of flow of a stream with the original easy-to-use Geopacks flowmeter.

It's fitted with a re-settable LCD counter and powered by long-life batteries (included). The flow meter also comes with a protective carrying pouch, a sturdy impeller stick and a compact, weather-proof carrying case for the whole kit. Three (free) stream bed elevation rods are also included which allow velocity measurements to be made at fixed heights above the bed of the steam.

If you are still measuring stream flow with an orange (and multiplying by 0.6) a GEOPACKS Flow Meter could be just the piece of equipment for you. Ideal for school and college field trips, student projects, practical river irrigation studies and water resource management. Your GEOPACKS Flow Meter comes with a 30-page book containing technical specifications, instructions for use, care and maintenance, conversion and calibration charts and useful guidance on carrying out interesting field work projects.

How does a GEOPACKS Flow Meter operate?
Revolutions of an impeller are sensed electronically and transmitted to a hand-held counter unit. The number of revolutions per unit of time can be translated into stream flow velocity using a conversion chart. Our impeller sticks have been accurately calibrated in a flume tank.

The propeller stick measures 107cm long, plus 1m length of cable before it reaches the meter itself.

We rate the sticks at 0.5MPS to 1.5MPS, this is a safe operating range for Children. Accuracy is + or - 5%.

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