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Paris Environs Wall Map - Paris Map

Paris Environs Wall Map - Paris Map


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Detailed map of Paris and the surrounding areas, covering all major towns and tourist areas, with a high level of detail in an easy to use format. The map shows an area from Chantilly in the north to Moet-s-Loing in the south and from Coulommiers in the east to Dreux in the west.

Size: 133 x 100 cm. Scale: 1:100 000 (1.58 miles to 1.4 inch)

This map is permanently bonded between two sheets of tough, flexible, crystal-clear plastic. This finish allows you to “write on, wipe off” with dry or wet wipe pens. This map is also available laminated and framed in either superb satin-finish aluminium (metal backing optional) or light, black or dark wood supplied ready to display.

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