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Aeroimage Poster

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Personalise Your School's Map:
Specify the school's name for the key panel and location for the map’s centre:
The school's name will be printed in a key panel in the middle of the two maps

This giant wall poster is a large-scale aerial photograph, approximately 1:2,500 scale, centred on your school.  It comes with an Ordnance Survey map at the same scale and covering the same area as the photograph. The poster is encapsulated in clear plastic for durability and will be a perfect record of your school and great for work on Road Safety and to get pupils interested in their surrounding environment.

Ideal for the new School Curriculum, this aerial photograph poster of your school can help students learn about maps within an environment they are familiar with.

  • Size: A0 - 119 x 84cm
  • Includes: x1 Personalised Aerial Photograph School Map