Loch Lochy Glen Roy Explorer Map - Ordnance Survey

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OS Explorer Map Loch Lochy & Glen Roy

Sheet Number 400

The Explorer map series is Ordnance Surveys flagship large scale sheet map range which superseded the old Pathfinder and Outdoor Leisure series. The previous Outdoor Leisure maps are identifiable by a yellow flash on the otherwise orange cover.

The Explorer maps cover most of Great Britain at a scale of 1:25 000 (1 mile to 2.5 inches) and the sheet lines are based geographically to cater for regional tourism. Many maps overlap to ensure the inclusion of key features on the edge of the coverage area. They show gardens open to the public, nature reserves, country paths, footpaths and bridleways. They also show camping and caravan sites, picnic areas and viewpoints. In addition those maps covering England and Wales also provide rights of way information making them ideal for off-road walkers and cyclists. They are ideal for detailed exploration of footpaths, the National Trail and Recreational Path routes. For some areas of the country where the data is available these maps now also mark all Open Access land as defined by the Countryside Rights of Way Act.

In addition to the basic Ordnance Survey format of paper folded, we offer a laminated folded format.

Scale: 1:25 000 (1 mile to 2.5 inches).