Fieldwork Equipment - Mini Soil Test Kit

Mini Soil Test Kit

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Mini Soil Test Kit - Simple chemical tests for nitrogen, phosphorus, potash and pH.

This kit enables you to test soil for acidity and for essential nutrients. You can then decide which plants will thrive or which to avoid and can decide what food to add to your soil in order to improve growing conditions.

There are four tests – PH (ACID-ALKALINE) level, n (nitrogen) for lawns and vegetables, P (phosphorus) for shrubs and Trees and K (potash) for fruits and flowering plants. The tests are very simple to carry out (full instructions inside) and take only a few minutes.

The kit includes useful advice about applying fertiliser, how to alter PH, the differing needs of hundreds of plants, organic growing and how to get the very best out of your garden.

Sufficient capsules are enclosed for 32 tests – 8 each for PH, N,P and K.