OS UK Map Series

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Each of the three Ordnance Survey maps in this range focus on key themes in the study of the geography of the UK.

Size 94 x 104cm  Scale 1:1 000 000

British Isles Communications

Maps out Britain’s communications infrastructure. Shows road, rail and ferry communication links as well as the Greenwich Meridian. Road distances are provided in miles and kilometres in an easily referenced pyramid graph.

British Isles Physical

Contains a vast amount of geographical and hydrological detail presented in an easy-to-read and interpret style. New version now includes Ireland and the relief features are further enhanced giving a 3D effect. Also features text and illustrations linked to the National Curriculum.

United Kingdom Administrative

This excellent map clearly displays the national boundaries, counties, regions and unitary authorities of the UK along with larger scale insets to clarify information in areas of high population densities. Road networks also included.