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Personalised Aerial Photo Jigsaw Puzzles

Personalised Aerial Photo Jigsaw Puzzles


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Customised Aerial Map Jigsaw Puzzle - Centred on your School (or Home address for a unique map gift)

Your map jigsaw will be completely unique with a distinctive house-shaped centre piece based on the school's address.

Simply give us the address and postcode of the property you'd like at the centre of your postcode jigsaw puzzle, and choose whether you'd like a 255 or 400 piece jigsaw. The result? An engrossing puzzle that will test your local knowledge to the full!

Aerial photography gives you a fascinating bird's eye view of your surrounding community.  We work with the country's leading supplier of aerial imagery to create your jigsaw from their database of over 200,000 individual images, which have been painstakingly stitched together.  Using a fleet of planes with highly sophisticated cameras the images are taken from an average of 4,000 feet up providing you with a whole new outlook on your local area as well as finding out which of your neighbours has the largest garden!

  • Our map jigsaw puzzles are individually created based on your selected address
        • Your jigsaw will arrive in an attractive presentation box, which, for that added personal touch, contains an area on the box lid allowing you to write your own message to the recipient
                          • Made using 1.5mm millboard, these superb jigsaws are hand-finished by our expert craftsmen
                              • This personalised product is handmade to your personal specification and will usually be delivered within 7 working days. 
                              • We will always use the most up to date image available for your area.
                              • Scale 1:3,650
                              • 255-piece assembled size: 35 x 27 cm (approx 14 x 10 inches), covers an area of approximately  0.6 miles north to south and 0.8 miles east to west
                              • 400-piece assembled size: 47 x 31 cm (approx 18 x 12 inches), covers an area of approximately 0.7 miles north to south and 1 mile east to west.#
                              • If you're supremely confident in your local neighbourhood knowledge then start with the central house-shaped whimsy and try to build your jigsaw unaided be warned its pretty difficult!  If you're not a die hard jigsaw fanatic (or if you get stuck), then this product is supplied as standard with an A4 guide image to help you complete your puzzle.  Watch your area come to life piece by piece as you build your jigsaw

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                              • Aerial photography covers addresses in England & Wales only.
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