Personalised Resources - School-Centred Landranger Map

School-Centred Landranger Map


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Specify a location for the map’s centre:
The school's name will be printed in a key panel in the top right corner of your map

How would you like a unique map created from the excellent Ordnance Survey Landranger series (1:50,000 scale) made to order with your school in the centre? With your map the surrounding community and countryside comes alive with colourful, large-scale detail (1¼ inches to 1 mile). Your custom-made map covers approximately a 10-mile radius (a 64cm square tile) around your selected point. Your map is mounted on a personalised backing sheet (detailing the school's name and location) which also contains a useful symbols key.

This encapsulated map is also available ready-to-display framed in satin-finished aluminium, or unmounted and encapsulated only. Each modern day Landranger map also comes with five FREE A4 encapsulated keys and teaching notes.

If you would like your school logo printed on your map please email a Hi-Res Jpeg image. After placing your order please email quoting your order number and attaching your logo. Please email this to us within 24 hours of placing an order.