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Maps - Three Peaks Challenge Maps

Three Peaks Challenge Maps

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The Three Peaks Challenge involves climbing the highest peaks in England, Scotland and Wales; usually attempted in under 24 hours. Good navigation is a crucial, making a detailed and accurate map an essential part of your kit.

This set of three individual maps (one for each peak) are designed for use on the challenge. Each lightweight, weather proof map shows the mountain summit along with the start car park, and includes enough area around the mountain for back-bearings and alternative decent in cases of emergency or getting lost!

The maps are double sided. The main map is the detailed Ordnance Survey Explorer map at 1:25,000. On the rear is a general overview map using the Landranger 1:50,000 scale. Both map images show the main footpaths up the mountains.

On the Maps:


Ordnance Survey Explorer (1:25,000)


Emergency information - local mountain rescue and nearest hospital.

Grid reference + GPS co-ordinates of each summit and recommended car park.

Notes box – suitable for permanent markers (use pen that won't wash off in the rain!)

Map Legend for Ordnance Survey Explorer map image.

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**We strongly advised the use of a compass in conjunction with a map for mountain navigation**


  • 3 x maps ( Snowdon, Scafell Pike, Ben Nevis)
  • Size – A3, 43cm x 31cm
  • Laminated with mat, foldable encapsulation. (Ideal for use with head touch as it's non-reflective)
  • Mapping – Ordnance Survey Explorer (1:25,000) and Landranger (1:50,000)
  • Coverage – 42km2 approx. Each Peak and their recommended starting car park.
    • Weight – 45 grams per map
    • Maps provided flat.

N.B no compass included