Weather View 32 (Upgrade To Professional Network Edition)

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Designed to form the "brains" of the WS-2000 automatic wireless Weather Station, the Weather View 32 software forms a comprehensive nucleus to support a truly astonishing range of enquiry work and IT applications. Reporting modules include daily, monthly, max/min and climate reports. The database of unique weather records logged by this station can be utilised as a fantastic source of raw primary data. The scope for cross-curricular work focused on statistics, graphing and trend/pattern analysis are endless. Data may also be exported to other IT applications such as spreadsheets. Additionally Weather View 32 features Internet connectivity allowing data to be automatically posted to a website!

Developed in the USA for use with the WS-2000 Weather Station, this is a powerful and flexible package allowing imaginative displays of 'run-time' data (what is actually happening outside at that moment) and historical data stored from previous days or weeks. To create a display the user can select from a bank of pre-defined instrument displays ranging from simple 'data panels' to complex 'instrument' such as realistic thermometers, barometers or wind speed gauges. By combining selections of these it is possible to create some quite stunning and highly professional displays in just a few clicks of the mouse. The displays can also be 'personalised' by the addition of timed or static messages. These can be used to add labels to instruments or give warnings to draw the user's attention to say, strong gusts of wind or extremes of temperature, which Weather View 32 has detected.

Any data downloaded from the data logger in the past together with current run-time data can be presented in the form of graphs. These can also be formatted to suit the required time period (from a six hour time span to one month) and graph style or scale. The software allows the user to obtain three styles of reports at the click of a mouse. By using the report function you are able to display the daily maximum and minimum readings, a full summary of all data recorded that day and a monthly summary with maximum and minimum values. Weather View 32 will allow data to be edited manually and allow data records to be exported to other applications such as Excel or Word.