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Educational Children’s Maps

Our wide range of fun and interesting Children’s Maps has been specifically designed to make learning about geography easier for both children and their teachers.  All of our maps for children are “laminated-to-last”, meaning they can be written on with dry or wet erase pen and easily cleaned for re-use, which is ideal for demonstrations and getting children involved. Choose from maps of the world and maps of Europe, or maps of the UK and other specific countries for more focussed learning.

Educational Children’s Maps

To help your students to learn about the geography in their own area we offer a local area explorer’s kit, which contains everything you need to conduct a study of your local area, centred on your school, including worksheets and suggested uses for the maps and aerial photographs provided.

We also provide a wide range of accessories for use with our children’s maps, from map wheels and digital map measures, to flash cards to assist with the teaching of map symbols. Our children’s educational maps and accessories make great teaching resources for classes of all ages.

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