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Wall Maps - East Anglia (North) Postcode Wall Map - Sector Map 15

East Anglia (North) Postcode Wall Map - Sector Map 15

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Postcode wall map of northern East Anglia from the Wash to Stowmarket and from Great Yarmouth to Campbridge.

Sector Sheet 15: East Anglia (North)

Size: 73 x 107 cm (29 x 42 inches)
Scale: 1:150 000 (1 inch to 2.4 miles)

Geographical Coverage Guide:

North: The Wash
South: Stowmarket
East: Great Yarmouth
West: Cambridge

This is one of 37 pre-defined map sheets that covers the UK at Sector level displaying all of the first part of the postcode and the first number of the second part, or Inward Code, at a scale of an inch to 2.4 miles. This Sector map includes all of the postcode changes in the most recent Royal Mail Postcode Update. Area, District and Sector boundaries and numbers/letters are shown in red with County and Unitary Authority boundaries presented in green. The map base shows motorways, primary, ‘A’ and down to unclassified roads with conurbation shapes and city plan insets showing street level detail for major cities.