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Fieldwork Equipment - Expedition S - Mirror Compass And Clinometer

Expedition S - Mirror Compass and Clinometer

Product Code: ZMFP61ES

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Silva "Expedition S" Mirror Compass and Clinometer - Navigation compass for advanced users

The Silva Expedition S Mirror Compass and Clinometer features easy-handling Dryflex™ housing, silicon rubber feet for precision map work, detachable safety-release lanyards, night-enabling luminous markings, magnifying lens, map-measuring scales in mm or inches, 1:25,000, 1:50,000 and GPS scales, plus built-in adjusters for magnetic declination (including permanent local adjustment).

The Expedition S can also map-measure 1:40,000, has both a clinometer for measuring slope angle, and 45-degree angle assistance on the mirror-sighting function.