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Russia Educational Wall Map - Prisoners of Geography

Russia Educational Wall Map - Prisoners of Geography


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Explore Russia with this Prisoners of Geography Map!

This remarkable, illustrated map of Russia provides a unique introduction to the country and political and geographical affairs within.

Did you know that Russia spans a bewildering eleven time zones? Or that Russia is forever trying to dominate the Northern European plain to its west to make a more effective defense? Russia has twice the amount of land as China, but is a fraction of the size in population, 144 million people compared to over a billion. Packed with facts and beautifully illustrated, this stunning map of Russia is sure to inspire curious minds everywhere.

This map is taken from the abridged and illustrated edition of international bestseller 'Prisoners of Geography' by acclaimed author Tim Marshall.

PRISONERS OF GEOGRAPHY is a registered trademark of Tim Marshall. Text copyright © 2015 - 2023 Tim Marshall. Illustration copyright © 2019 - 2023 Elliott and Thompson Limited.

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