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Wall Maps - South And Central Scotland (Glasgow, Edinburgh And Newcastle-upon-Tyne) Postcode Wall Map - District Map 5

South and Central Scotland (Glasgow, Edinburgh and Newcastle-upon-Tyne) Postcode Wall Map - District Map 5

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This postcode district map displays the complete first half of the Postcode (or Outward Code) for South and Central Scotland including Glasgow, Edinburgh and Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. This map covers the following area:

North: Dundee
South: Lancaster
East: Middlesbrough
West: Islay

This postcode map is the fifth of six pre-defined sheets that covers Britain at a scale of an inch to 5 miles. The District maps include all of the Postcode changes from the most recent Royal Mail Postcode Update. The Area and District boundaries appear prominently in red with County and Unitary Authority boundaries displayed in purple. The map base shows motorways, primary and ‘A’ and ‘B’ roads and features conurbation shapes highlighting major towns and cities.

This postcode District map also contain large scale city plans  for Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle to give you a more comprehensive view of the postcodes within this area.

91 x 127 cm (35 x 50 inches)
Scale: 1:320,000
City Inserts: Edinburgh, Glasgow & Newcastle