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Whirling Hygrometer

Whirling Hygrometer


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Whirling hygrometers, also known as sling psychrometers, employ the “wet” and “dry” bulb principal to determine %RH.
They are designed to be rotated, by hand, to provide
adequate and consistent ventilation of the bulbs.
These hygrometers are spirit filled and replacement refill tubes are available on request.
Calibration certification also available.
Product features:
· Whirling hygrometer for measuring Relative Humidity (%RH) · Environmentally friendly blue spirit filling
· Supplied with 2pcs replacement wicks · Replacement tubes available
· Complete with carry case and calculator chart (see below)
Product specifications:
Temperature range: -5 to +50°C
Accuracy: +/-1°C
Divisions: 0.5°C
Hazard information (SDS): See for information
Product dimensions: Net: 82mm x 232mm x 30mm (with handle closed)
Gross: 90mm x 242mm x 31mm
Component weight: Net: 206g | Chart: 4g | Carry case: 4g | Display box: 48g | Gross: 288g

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